Coconut Grove Phase-1

Embracing Sustainability amidst Scenic Surroundings in Channapatna


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Channapatna, Karnataka, Coconut Grove Managed Farmland stands as a testament to sustainable agriculture and natural beauty. With its strategic location amidst scenic surroundings, this project offers a unique opportunity to cultivate coconut groves while preserving the region's ecological balance. Through responsible land management, innovative practices, and a commitment to sustainability, Coconut Grove Managed Farmland aims to create a thriving agricultural ecosystem while enhancing the visual appeal of the area.


4 Acre Project

Gated Community

Close Proximity to Village

54kms from Bangalore

Coconut Grove Managed Farmland exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of sustainable agriculture and scenic beauty in Channapatna. Through the cultivation of coconut groves, responsible land management practices, and community engagement, the project preserves the region's natural resources while creating opportunities for economic growth and rural development. With its commitment to sustainability and the captivating surroundings it offers, Coconut Grove Managed Farmland stands as a beacon of agricultural excellence and natural allure in Channapatna.